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This year has been an important one for me in the development of a new body of work. The thematic influences from various stages of my career have coalesced and are working together in an exciting new way. 

My early prints and drawings were entirely focused on the human form, but once I established a studio in rural New York State I began to paint. The palette of the changing seasons, the textures of the surfaces and the light on the rolling hills captured and held my attention for many years. I thought my figurative work was firmly in the past until recently, when the figures reemerged. The landscapes have now become the stage for their unexpected and imagined visitations. 

In these new paintings and drawings, the figures and the landscapes share the picture plane but occupy parallel worlds. The tension between these realms is amplified by the choices I make in the use of materials, processes and other formal elements. The disconnect between the figure and the landscape in this body of work mirrors that of our current dilemma; that is, the distance we experience from our environment, from each other and even from ourselves. 


Lorenz is a draughtsman at heart who studied printmaking at the NY State University College at Brockport and received her MA in Painting from Albany State University, Albany, NY . She incorporates drawing, painting, printmaking and other processes into her daily studio practice in Brooklyn, New York and in rural New York State’s Delaware County.


Lorenz balances her solitary studio practice with collaborative ventures involving other Artists. Creating in collaboration with other artists has been a thread running through her artistic career since the 1980’s when Lorenz was a member of COLAB (Collaborative Projects) and the exhibitions coordinator of ABC NO RIO, both Artist run organizations active in NYC.


In 2005 she co- founded the Longyear Gallery, a cooperative gallery located in Margaretville, NY and in 2017, she co-founded ADHOC Projects, an Artist’s collective that curates thematic pop-up exhibits online and in underutilized spaces.


Her exhibition history reflects her longstanding affiliations with alternative and Artist run Arts organizations.


City College of NY, NYC 

Pratt institute, Brooklyn, NY 

New York University, NYC 

Empire State College, Albany, NY 

Patrice Lorenz



Center for Book Arts, NYC 

Artist in Residence, Cooper Union School of Art, NYC 


Lower East Side Tenement Museum 



Master of Arts, Albany State University, Albany, NY, 

Bachelor of Science, State University College at Brockport, Brockport, NY 


Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions

Figure It Out - Womenswork Gallery, Poughkeepsie NY

Under One Sky - Longyear Gallery, Margaretville, NY

Landscapes: Cut and Carved - Roxbury Arts Group, Roxbury NY,

Fault Lines - Longyear Gallery, Margaretville, NY

Coney Island Paintings - Coney Island Museum, Brooklyn, NY,

Double Feature - ABC NO RIO, NYC

Selected Group Exhibitions: 2000–present


Recumbent: The Art of Lying! – NY Artist Equity Gallery, NY, NY

Art During A Pandemic - Dorsky Museum, SUNY New Paltz, New Paltz, NY

Art From Afar - Women’s Work Gallery, Poughkeepsie, NY

Transparency - ADHOC Projects at

Small Works - Roxbury Arts Group, Roxbury, NY

Truth - Bric Arts, Brooklyn, NY

Group Exhibition - Edward Hopper House, Nyack, NY

Plus 2 - Painting Space Gallery at Performance Space / PS 122, NYC

Invitational - Blue Mountain Gallery, NYC

Vision Quest Seven - Green Kill Gallery, Kingston

Biometrics - Priebe Gallery, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, Wisconsin


Selected Group Exhibitions: 1980-2000

Souvenirs and Documents – Painting Space Gallery at Performance Space / PS 122, NYC

Celebrating Community – Lehman College, Maxine Green Center for the Arts, NYC

A View From Manhattan - District of Columbia Arts Center, Washington, DC

Studio Art Faculty Exhibit – New York University, Washington Square East Galleries, NYC

Small Works - Artist Space, NYC

Four Painters - Gallery 128, NYC

The End of Art – Bad Museum, Bowery, NYC

Works From a Suitcase - Hofkabinett, Linz, Austria

Mass Art - Group Material, The New Museum, NYC

Real Politik - Fashion Moda, Bronx, NY

Chain Paintings of Love – Painting Space Gallery at Performance Space / PS 122, NYC

New Talent - Hal Bromm Gallery, NYC

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